Samsung_Galaxy Rangers beyond virtual reality.

Samsung chooses Ikon for the creation of an immersive video game, able to go beyond virtual reality: a great success, and a partnership with Samsung already confirmed in the coming months as well, with the launch of a second VR game.
Developed specifically for Samsung, Galaxy Rangers involves a patrol mission aboard a spaceship equipped with a laser cannon to fight the enemy fleet. The game offers a completely new experience, combining the immersive experience of Virtual Reality with kinetic sensations produced by an electromechanical control session.
Thanks to communication in real time with the latter, in fact, Galaxy Rangers is able to accurately reproduce the accelerations due to changes in the spaceship's direction and the rotations of the turret with the laser cannon, which is manoeuvered by means of a joystick designated for that purpose.
The VR Game Galaxy Rangers was recently presented in Milan at Samsung District, where it received very positive feedback, especially in relation to the perfect functioning of communication between the viewer and the motorised seat, which made it a very immersive and engaging experience.
Virtual Reality
Ikon pushes beyond virtual reality and designs an immersive video game for Samsung.