Ikon is a digital company which is constantly seeking new interactive solutions. Since 1997, we’ve been creating websites, mobile applications, viral and social media campaigns, 3D animations, e-learning objects, interactive installations, content management solutions and other such products that exploit the potential of the multimedia world. We make use of all digital channels to satisfy companies and institutions, offering personalised solutions and supporting dialogue and content sharing with users.


The Ikon team is made up of specialists in various sectors: creative, programming, digital strategy, project management, 3D modelling and post-production.
We share a passion for the creative and the new, we love to live and work in contact with nature, transforming these energies into innovative ideas, original solutions and products made with care and attention down to the smallest of details.

Creative Nature

Between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, not far from the beautiful cities of Trieste and Venice, Ikon has created a work environment situated amongst the greenery and conceived according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture. Surrounded by a wood and an orchard, where four communities of bees live and produce organic honey, the site naturally integrates with the countryside and makes use of the sun's energy for heating and electricity. A creative space in which a team of professionals is constantly seeking innovative solutions, where nature and technology meet.

Ikon for Nature

Thanks to the 20KW solar electricity generation, Ikon is energetically self-sufficient. Ikon's bioclimatic building is conceived for maximal active solar heat gain and minimal energy loss. Four bee communities produce more than 150kg of honey a year and the organic vegetable garden and the orchard supply fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Hub Group

In 2009, after years of profitable collaboration, Ikon, Sintesi and Artè created Hub Group: an applied creativity network that blends experience and innovation, with the added value of a passion for excellence.
Four operating offices, over 40 professionals, one continuous exchange. Unique solutions ranging from web advertising to multimedia, from customer relationship management to integrated marketing and design.

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Ikon's offices are just a few minutes from the Monfalcone West - Redipuglia motorway exit and from Friuli Venezia Giulia's international airport at Ronchi dei Legionari. Monfalcone's railway station is approximately five kilometres distant.