For 16 years Ikon has been creating websites, following its clients through every phase: from the creative side to functional analysis, from front end programming to the preparation of entirely personalised back ends, from hosting services to online promotion. Thanks to the proprietary platform Ikon Author, we are able to offer an innovative, powerful, versatile and highly intuitive content management environment. Testament to the quality of Ikon's solutions, over the years the company has received numerous awards and has been the subject of praise in press reviews at home and abroad.

Mobile Applications

Ikon develops mobile applications for all the most widely used operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Thanks to the our experience in user interface design, we are able to offer complex and personalised solutions. Fully exploiting the potential of state of the art devices, we also develop mobile games and applications in 3D augmented reality. Combining the skills of the web division, Ikon also creates html5 web applications.

Web Marketing and Social Media Strategy

The strong skill set at Hub Group allows Ikon to plan search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media campaigns, directly following each aspect: creativity, advertising and social channel management, creation of specific support applications for the campaigns (mobile, facebook, etc.), creation of advergames for online competitions. The proprietary content management system Ikon Author also allows us to optimise sites for tracking by search engines (SEO) and allows strong integration with the world of social media.

Video Games

Over the years Ikon has acquired solid experience creating video games: from small 2D advergames to complex 3D graphics games. Created for the some of the biggest online entertainment portals (Nickelodeon, Miniclip, etc) or in support of online marketing campaigns (Coca Cola, Tecnica, Nordica, Chupa Chups, Limoni, Old Wild West), our games are released on all platforms: PC and Mac, browser games, mobile games, consoles.

3D Animation

We carry out rendering, 3D animation and real time virtual environments for video games and interactive simulations. We specialise in the virtual reconstruction of archaeological sites: from modelling to photorealistic rendering, from first person navigation to 3D augmented reality. We use state of the art hardware and software to create innovative products and spectacular, absorbing experiences.


From the creation of applications for digital signage and infopoint systems to the preparation of interactive software for museum environments, from the production of HD video to the creation of multimedia installations, Ikon uses the most innovative technology, such as motion tracking and touchless interfaces, to provide effective and engaging experiences. Our multimedia solutions also integrate fully with our proprietary content management platform Ikon Author.


The strong synergy between the web, mobile, video game and multimedia divisions allows Ikon to create highly innovative e-learning courses in methodological terms: courses for tablet and smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), use of three dimensional interactive interfaces, gamification applied across all products.


Ikon offers its clients a hosting service of the highest quality. Thanks to a solid cloud based server infrastructure, we provide high standards of reliability and security, monitoring 24 hours a day, dedicated assistance, backup with point in time restore, webstats and domain management.